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  GRIL comes from China, which gathers manufacturing and trading co. LTD. The business covers all parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, America and so on. Our company adhering to the consistent high requirements on quality and mature management concept, professional in the auto industry, beverage industry, product parts automated stereoscopic warehouse, such as wahaha, master kong, nongfu spring, unified, berg warner, iron, magna, DE horse teck, miers, etc. (no) has become our customers. With the process of globalization, we have set up offices in suzhou, Shanghai, changsha and shenzhen. And it plans to cover all of China and the world to meet the needs of big customers.

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Suzhou GRIL automation technology co. LTD
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ADD:7, no.166 longxi road, wuzhong district, suzhou

GRIL's innovations in automation technology can provide you with higher productivity and help you succeed in your business.

Product range for industry and process automation from single components to plug-and-play solutions.

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